Anomie’s Child

2012-11-11 newcam2 051 (1280x960)Rory Young, that’s who.  He guides walking safaris, teaches advanced tracking to other trackers, park rangers, scouts and safari guides and writes course and training materials about tracking and other bush skills.  A former hunter, he now limits his hunting to problem animal control on suffering and dangerous animals. Rory provides information to persons contemplating southern African travels that you might not otherwise  find.  For example, see his posts about “Would an unprovoked elephant attack a human?“, “How do you track a leopard, or any other wild animal?” and a personal favourite “What is some of the most interesting wild animal poop?”  Whatever your point of view may be on the topic of hunting, professionals have a great deal of experiential information that they may choose to share.  And it’s comforting to see someone in the near distance carrying a rifle when you are on an elephant ride or walking with the lions.


9 thoughts on “Anomie’s Child

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the positive review. One small correction. I no longer hunt except to do problem animal control on suffering or dangerous animals and haven’t sport hunted for over fifteen years. That does not mean I am against ethically responsible recreational hunting but I am not interested in killing anything myself.
    I still guide walking safaris and specialize in teaching advanced tracking and other skills to trackers, hunters, park rangers and scouts, and safari guides; both for tracking animals and poachers.
    I also write course and training material for these people and am working on a book on advanced tracking.
    Future posts will include more detailed articles on how to analyse and determine specific information accurately from a particular type of “spoor”.

  2. Jim,
    I can guide/train/lecture anywhere s long as costs are paid from Lusaka and return.
    Although I am Zambian born I have spent more time in Zimbabwe and have also worked in or explored Botswana, DR Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland in Africa.
    I have just spent a few years in forestry and other natural resources projects and gave it all up in favor of what I really love doing.
    I am spending most of my time these days writing but try to get into the bush when I can..


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