The Cape’s great white sharks

IMG_0126 (1280x960)For some people, the Cape is the place to go to experience cage diving with great white sharks.  So we saw it listed as one of the new “big 5” experiences in Donald Trump’s recent Celebrity Apprentice show.  However, swimming without the benefit of a steel cage can be dangerous. The number of shark attacks is relatively small, not anything like the risks of driving or of being in a tough part of town.  But there is something visceral in seeing or hearing of a shark attack.  Consequently, environmentally friendly shark exclusion barrier nets are being tested.  However, they are being removed from the water each night and redeployed the next morning.  This is labour intensive, therefore costly.  Here’s my question.  If you are putting the shark net out in the morning, how do you know if you are keeping the sharks out, or keeping one or two of them inside?

The Kratt brothers featured South Africa’s False Bay in the television series Be the Creature, season 1 episode 11 “Great White Shark” including some terrific underwater towed video.



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