Passionate About Cape Town

IMG_0143 (1280x959)PACT is the name of the Facebook page I found today.  I came across it when I saw a picture of Cape Town covered in sleet and hail taken yesterday.  The first picture I saw of this was on another Facebook page, Africa, where laughing is the only reaction.  I guess the message for travelers is park your preconceptions at home and be ready for anything.  Remember – penguins live not far away from here!  This was the first big storm of the winter season. Travelers!  While Cape Town can be cold, wet and windy in their winter, the weather is completely different further north and to the east, being dry and sunny and even warm during the days although cold overnight.  Snow can be experienced in the mountains near the Cape as well as in the Drakensburg.  Also, sunset at this time of year is before 6 pm so plan day trips accordingly.



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