How safe is Zimbabwe’s wildlife?

IMG_0432 (1280x960)Not very, as it turns out.  As this article notes, The Zimbabwe embassy in Stockholm reports that 13% of its territory is reserved as parks and wildlife estates.  But the article goes on to chronicle a list of growing threats to Zimbabwe wildlife:

  • conservancy areas are being eroded through occupation under the guise of the indigenization policy
  • mining concessions are proliferating in national parks
  • Zimbabwe’s food supply and drought problems encourage small wild game subsistence hunting
  • this reduces prey available for top predators leading to increased human/predator interactions
  • foreign nationals involved with mining and other industries may be contributing to elephant and rhino poaching
  • Zimbabwe is undergoing deforestation.  In some cases road building for mines provides increased opportunity for firewood collection which is proliferating as a subsistence industry.  Road building also increases poaching access.

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