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Here’s a website that a friend recently e-mailed to me: Portfolio Collection, trusted places to stay.  I wanted to talk about this a bit.  First, this started as a travel blog although recently it has looked more like a laundry list of what’s going wrong with wildlife in southern Africa.  So back to travel.  Trying to figure out where to stay is one of the biggest challenges.  The locals know through exposure and experience – they’ve seen it, they might have been there.  For example, I could tell you many of the places to stay and to avoid on Vancouver Island, like the best and worst place to stay in Zeballos (it’s the same place, only one in town).  So that’s why we went with a tour when we went to southern Africa – to benefit from the knowledgeable guide and the experienced drivers who already knew about where to go and not to go and how to make it right when it started to go wrong.  I have great admiration for those people who go to a foreign country with no prearranged accommodation or destinations, I just think they are somewhat crazy.  So that’s why I posted this link to the Portfolio Collection; when it speaks of trust it addresses one of my main travel issues.  You can visit this page for a comprehensive list of my travel issues.

We’re coming up to the one year anniversary of our trip to southern Africa.  If you get a chance to go, by all means do so.  It’s a stunning journey.  By the end of October I plan to stop writing in this blog.  But it will remain on line to be found from time to time.



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