Trip Highlights

elephant-truck…and lowlights


To the question, “What were the highlights of your trip? “, we respond:

  1. Ron McGregor, tour guide.  He was thoroughly knowledgeable and shared that with us.  We bought his book, “The South Africa Story” and it is a great read.  It is described on Facebook at:  Ron’s website is at:
  2. The school choir on the optional cultural tour, in the township in Cape Town.  This was very moving.
  3. The lion walk in Zimbabwe, a terrific experience.  For more info see:
  4. The elephant ride in Zimbabwe was also unforgetable.
  5. The Robben Island prison tour with the former political prisoner.
  6. Kudu, antelope and warthog…meals.  Tasty.
  7. Game drives, especially Kruger Park and Chobe.  The elephants swimming in the Zambezi River at Chobe.
  8. Johannesburg, downtown “war zone”.
  9. Pieterson Museum in Johannesburg commemorating the student demonstration of June 16, 1976.
  10. The water hole at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Zimbabwe.

Ok, so what were the “lowlights” of the trip?

  1. The wholesale souvenir shop in Johannesburg, although some people did purchase souvenirs.
  2. The souvenir vendors at the strip shop in Victoria Falls.  The vendors were uber pushy.
  3. The VAT refund process at the Johannesburg airport.  Really?  You get a commission, and charge me more VAT on my VAT refund?  Hardly worth it.
  4. The side effects of Malarone malaria pills.  What else can give you constipation and diarrhea, simultaneously?


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