History: The South African Story, by Ron McGregor
History: BBC’s South Africa Profile – Timeline

History: Zimbabwe, with Mozambique and South Africa
History: BBC’s Zimbabwe Profile – Timeline
History: National Geographic looks inside Zimbabwe providing an overview of the last 33 years under Mugabe.

Cathy Buckle, writing on Zimbabwe

Being a young woman in South Africa, 5 video interviews.

Africa Check – sorting out facts and fiction in statements about Africa

Lion whisperer, thanks Shirley & Kathy!

…and an excellent Youtube video set to Bruce Cockburn’s music, “I wonder where the lions are?

Click here for an exciting cheetah encounter.

and a cheetah chases an impala into a tourist car!

If the link above doesn’t open up properly and instead you get a small black box with a message that you have to update your Adobe Flash Player, then you might be experiencing conflict with your browser if it is IE9.  For whatever reason, IE9 appears to be “buggy”. Try this – go to the browser menu bar and click on Tools then look down the menu.  If ActiveXFiltering is turned on, turn it off and try the link again.  If it still doesn’t work, uninistalling all old versions of Flash Player and a clean install finally solved my problem with it.  Computers!  mutter, mutter….

And from another country, “Help, an elephant ate my Iphone!

Wildebeest Dilemma, from Birdbox Studio by way of WildlifeTV

Rob the Ranger wildlife videos

Elephant on a trampoline
High diving giraffes
Why dung beetles dance…

Finally, one of the best travel blogs I’ve seen.  Start with the 50 handy hints for first time travellers and then go to “Start Here



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