Pics & Vids

Jim & Debbie’s Pictures

Using the free and easy software program Smilebox, Jim has prepared 4 main slide shows to describe each leg of the tour.
1.  Vancouver to Cape Town
2.  Durban to Johannesburg
3.  Johannesburg
4.  Zimbabwe to Nanaimo

Richard & Kathy’s Pictures

Likewise, Kathy has used Smilebox to create slide shows.  Her slide shows include short videos.
1.  Cape Town
2.  Durban to Kruger National Park
3.  Road Trip to Johannesburg
4.  Walking with Lions at Horseback
5.  Jo’burg to Zambia to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
6.  Imbabala Zambezi Safari Lodge

Jim & Debbie’s Videos

The video collection contains 25 videos and some assorted pictures.  I have loaded this through WiFi, although it’s slow because it’s big.  On a desktop or hardwired lap top, the Smilebox shows up quick but takes a while to load the individual videos.  The videos are indicated by right pointing arrows that you must click on in order to start.  When finished, just click the -magnifying glass over the video to return to the picture book.  You can also stop in the middle of a video in the same way.  When the book first opens, you may see some black rectangular areas on a page – this is just a placemark for a video that hasn’t finished loading yet.

Kathy’s Elephant Video

Check out Kathy E’s video of elephants walking in front of their jeep in Kruger Park.  She was riding shotgun up front, so had an elephant’s eye view of them.  The elephants took a long hard look at their safari jeep!


Smaller Smilebox slide shows capture People on tourFood and drink, Cars (we drive an ’84 El Camino in summer) and Washrooms – yes, I took pictures of washrooms.  Aren’t they an important part of any trip?


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