IMG_0636Jim and Debbie, Richard and Kathy and Gene and Rachel toured South Africa, Swaziland, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Chobe Park in Botswana with SmarTours in Oct/Nov 2012.  Seeing African animals in the wild has always been one of Debbie’s dreams.  Jim prefers cities, history, culture and food.  So the trip was magnificent for both.  South Africa, Swaziland, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Chobe Park in Botswana are great places to tour, travel, visit. My wife and I, our friends and our tour group traveled safely, enjoyably throughout our trip. Our guide in South Africa was Ron McGregor.  There was no bad news to recount and lots of most enjoyable adventures.  I find southern African nations to be…. intriguing.

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meals on wheels

meals on wheels

if she hasn't, she will soon


Hippo cart


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  1. Hi Jim. My name is Philip, I am a PhD student at the University of Victoria conducting research on collaborative governance in marine conservation. Won’t go into details here, but I was given your name by a research participant and wanted to ask whether you would be willing to provide some input yourself. Please give me a shout if you have the time / inclination, and/or go to makingcollaborationwork.ca for more information. Thanks very much, and congratulations on the jam-packed blog. My own intro to blogging was also inspired by a trip to Southern Africa! (http://pipinsouthafrica.blogspot.ca/).

    • Thank you Philip. I enjoyed reading all of your blogspot posts about South Africa and have moved the address up to the front page list of travel links.

      I have looked at makingcollaborationwork.ca and see that it is primarily interested in participant experience with consultation and engagement in the park designation process at Race Rocks near Victoria, and Haida Gwaii national park development in the Queen Charlotte Islands. I was lead prawn fishery manager from 1994 to 2007 but did not have any direct involvement with these initiatives. Fisheries and Oceans Canada involvement was led by the Oceans section. I can provide names in Oceans, provincial fisheries and industry if that may be helpful.


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