Baobob and maringa trees are…nutritious

IMG_0476 (1280x960)The baobob not only grows old and large, it grows healthy.  The baobob and maringa can be a significant part of local diets, particularly when drought takes out cultivated crops.  For more info, click here.


Kathy’s Smilebox, Jo-burg to Zambia to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Smilebox_502131730Four members of our tour group, Richard and Kathy, Gene and Rachel followed another path as the SmarTours extension to Zimbabwe was fully booked.  They stayed one extra night at a bed and breakfast in Johannesburg then caught a flight to Livingstone in Zambia. From there they crossed over into Zimbabwe and saw Victoria Falls en route to their resort lodge further up the Zambezi River.  Visit Kathy’s Victoria Falls Smilebox for their pictures and videos from this part of their journey.