South Africa’s most endangered Cape parrot

logging in the Drakensburgs

logging in the Drakensburgs

Less than a 1000 adult Cape parrots are left in the wild.  Dependent and evolved to live in yellowwood tree forests which covered the southern and eastern coasts of South Africa all the way to Mozambique, their forest habitat was eliminated by the colonization and development that required wood.  For more information and photos of the parrot click here to visit the National Geographic site.


Kathy’s Smilebox, South Africa Road Trip to Johannesburg

Smilebox_3823211883The third step of the South African journey was the road trip leaving Kruger National Park over the Drakensburg and across the veld to Johannesburg.  This Smilebox slide show is once of contrasts. Click here for the spectacular scenery of God’s Window to the urban scenery of downtown Jo’burg and nearby Soweto.