Kathy’s Smilebox, Imbabala Zambezi Safari Lodge

Smilebox_2088936279Richard and Kathy, Gene and Rachel finished their southern African travels at the Imbabala Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe, located on the bank of the Zambezi River about 70 km (45 m.) upstream of Victoria Falls.  River cruises and land drives showed them impala, warthogs, elephants, Kudu, monitor lizards, crocodiles, hippos and bush bucks.  As you will see in Kathy’s Smilebox, this safari lodge is a nice spot to stay.


Kathy’s Smilebox, Jo-burg to Zambia to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Smilebox_502131730Four members of our tour group, Richard and Kathy, Gene and Rachel followed another path as the SmarTours extension to Zimbabwe was fully booked.  They stayed one extra night at a bed and breakfast in Johannesburg then caught a flight to Livingstone in Zambia. From there they crossed over into Zimbabwe and saw Victoria Falls en route to their resort lodge further up the Zambezi River.  Visit Kathy’s Victoria Falls Smilebox for their pictures and videos from this part of their journey.

Kathy’s Smilebox – Walking With Lions at Horseback, South Africa

Smilebox_1352515549Some of the SmarTours group took advantage of an optional walk with the lions tour on their last day in Johannesburg, at Horseback which is about one hour north, northeast of Pretoria.  There they joined the MacRae family who are raising lions on their farm, free of the feline variety of AIDs which is decimating wild lion populations.  Lions are raised in captivity to 18 months, then placed into reserves where they can breed naturally and whose disease free offspring will be released back into the wild.  For more information about this program, click here to visit the MacRae website.  While viewing Kathy’s Walking with Lions Part 1 and Walking with Lions Part 2, click on individual pictures to enlarge them on your screen, and on the right facing arrows which will start each video.  Have you ever seen a serval cat?  Thanks Kathy for sharing your experience with all of us!

Kathy’s Smilebox, South Africa Road Trip to Johannesburg

Smilebox_3823211883The third step of the South African journey was the road trip leaving Kruger National Park over the Drakensburg and across the veld to Johannesburg.  This Smilebox slide show is once of contrasts. Click here for the spectacular scenery of God’s Window to the urban scenery of downtown Jo’burg and nearby Soweto.

Kathy’s Smilebox, Wild Africa – Durban to Kruger Park

Smilebox_3311257602Oct. 28 to Nov. 1 found the tour group flying to Durban on the Indian Ocean, then driving to KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland and then back into South Africa to Kruger National Park.  Game drives were enjoyed at Hluhluwe and Kruger Parks.  Kathy’s Smilebox slide and video show includes her front seat video of a spectacular elephant crossing in Kruger Park.  A copy of the video was requested by the safari guide and has also been published on Youtube.  Kathy shares her pictures and videos of drum and dance performances, crafts, food, scenery and many many animals.

Kathy’s Smilebox, Pictures of Cape Town

Smilebox_4107503118Kathy has put together a Smilebox slide show of her pictures of Cape Town and the surrounding area in South Africa, Oct. 2012.  Kathy and Richard, Rachel and Gene stayed in bed & breakfasts near Cape Town and did some extra touring for a week before we arrived.  What a great collection of photos.  Thanks for sharing, Kathy!