Donald Trump to redefine “Big 5”

Now this is getting interesting.  On Sunday Apr. 21,  Trump’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentices are tasked with redefining South Africa’s big 5 reputation, promoting other national assets.  Presumably these may relate to tourism, but could possibly refer to business features as SA is the biggest economy on the continent.  The news article refers to which hosts and posts a variety of Top 10 lists.  You can find the lists in the drop down menu under Best of South Africa found on the top menu bar.  And I won’t be anywhere near a tv by Sunday!  I’ll be in the interior of British Columbia on a lake shore doing some fishing.

I checked when I got back home and the reviews of the show were mixed.  There were 2 packages, the adventure package; shark-cage diving, surfing, zip lines, golfing, and luxury camping and the romance package: wine, art, food, dance and spa.  I think they missed the mark.  After all, all of these items are available and most are common elsewhere in the world.  There were lackadaisical slogans and poor props.  I can think of several big 5 that are unique to South Africa – the big 5 cities for example would provide lots of avenues to talk about opportunity and doing business in an emerging BRICs country or as the leading economy of the South African continent, or economic ties to India, China, South America and Australia.  So all in all, I would characterize the show as a wasted opportunity.