News Zim 2013

Nov 01.  Zimbabwe’s forests are going up in smoke.  With 25% of their population facing food shortages, they’re growing…tobacco.
Oct 31.  Zimbabwe planning sovereign wealth fund.  With what?  They’ve already spent the money seized from private bank accounts and may have to repay that…
Oct 30.  The Zim law against insulting Mugabe may be in contravention of the new constitution provisions for freedom of expression.
Oct 27.  RENAMO background; why Zim may intervene militarily in Mozambique.
Oct 27.  ALL businesses in Zimbabwe must apply for indigenisation certificates within 6 months.  Foreigners are no longer permitted to invest in sectors reserved for indigenous Zimbabweans, such as grain milling, barber shops, tobacco processing, bakeries, and local transportation, among others.  The retail sector will also be affected; notably Nigerian and Chinese foreign nationals who run tuckshops selling clothes, groceries, motor spares and electrical parts. Nightclubs and bottle stores are also widespread.

Oct 26.  Government moves to licence new commercial radio stations.  Of course, they will have to meet government criteria which will likely mean they are sympathetic to the ZANU-PF.  This is government’s move to counter pirate radio broadcasting which is often critical of the government; occupy the airwaves and dilute the anti government message.
Oct 25.  Zimbabwe warns it is prepared to intervene militarily in Mozambique.
Oct 24.  Corruption has reached unprecedented levels in Zimbabwe.
Oct 23.  Once again, Zimbabwe is playing the blame game.  Only this time it’s not western nation sanctions being blamed.  It’s CITES, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species that the Council of Tourism has blamed for economic conditions resulting in elephant poaching in Zimbabwe, and also adversely affecting their economy as they cannot sell an ivory stock held on hand valued at $13 million.
Oct 21.  US provides $35 million food aid to Zim; largest donation to UN’s World Food Program aid in Zimbabwe.
Oct 18.  “Give us more money so we can pay you back.”  Well, the IMF didn’t buy into that one.  Zimbabwe off track on debt repayments.
Oct 18.  700 firms close in Harare: is this any way to promote sustainability?
Oct 17.  Tens of millions of dollars of diamond revenues are missing.
Oct 16.  South Africa civil rights group accuses Zimbabwe Minister of blatant lying about land grabs.
Oct 16.  2.2 million people in need of food aid in Zim.  The total population is estimated to be 13.2 million (CIA World Factbook).  Allegations that UN  World Food Program Aid is going to ZANU-PF supporters only in some areas.
Oct 15.  Post election: leaving the country behind, the diaspora accelerates.
Oct 13.  Zimbabwe loses 330,000 ha of forest land annually.
Oct 13.  Farm invasions continue; dairy production insufficient to meet domestic needs.
Oct 11.  Rotten bread is best food in prison.
Oct 11.  Black land owners evict black farm workers.
Oct 09.  Upsurge in police brutality; police beat women protestors.  More than 100 women beaten by police in demonstration.
Oct 08.  Mugabe has appointed a new Minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education.  What?
Oct 07.  A million acres burn east of Harare.
Oct 06.  Oppression yields diaspora; consequences undermine Zim economy and social structure.
Oct 06.  Corruption is rampant in school system.
Oct 06.  Zanu-PF harrassing teachers sympathetic to MDC.  Retribution continues.
Oct 04.  Further to the article of Sep 16, an opinion on flying witches in Africa.
Oct 04.  Zimbabwe could not afford elections 2 months ago.  One month ago it announced that one quarter of the rural population is expected to need food assistance this year.  Last week, Mugabe took a delegation of 80 to the United Nations including his children.  Do they grow bananas in this republic?
Oct 04.  Grace Mugabe’s son seizes gold mine.
Oct 02.  Zimbabwe economy: manufacturing reported to be in dire strait operating at 40% of capacity; economy is backsliding, 90% unemployment; worst power situation this year as more than half of power stations are down due to ongoing annual maintenance; industrialists warn of financial Armageddon as only 10 of 74 companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange are considered to be in good shape.
Oct 01.  The Zimbabwe government is moving to legalize electronic spying on its citizens, permitting itself to monitor phone calls, text messages, e-mails and web site visits.  The government claims this will assist in combating crime.  Or is Facebook phenomena Baba Jukwa just too big of an annoyance to ignore?
Sep 30.  Power in short supply in Zimbabwe.
Sep 24.  The decline of Zimbabwe’s coffee farming industry, described.
Sep 24.  Indigenisation – it means that schools can be taken over too!
Sep 18.  An intriguing story of how the courts in South Africa have awarded a Zimbabwe property in Cape Town to farmers dispossessed by Mugabe’s land confiscation.
Sep 17.  Mugabe the topic of an off Broadway play in New York.
Sep 16.  Two women charged with witchcraft seek exorcism.
Sep 15.  Lack of coins cited as one reason for drop in domestic cigarette sales, tax collected.
Sep 15.  ZANU-PF now evicting supporters from farms, homes torched, occupants displaced without warnings.  What’s going on?

Sep 08.  Indigenisation and low world gold prices leading to mine closures.
Sep 03.  Post election threats about indigenisation proliferate.
Sep 03.  One quarter of rural population expected to need food assistance in 2013.
Sep 01.  Mugabe stirs the pot.  First he made threats against the 2 biggest cities Bulawayo and Harare, upset that they had voted overwhelmingly for the MDC in the election; then he indicated that MDC partisans could not be buried in the national heroes’ acre which is a burial place for distinguished patriotic Zimbabweans that made significant contribution to the liberation and development of the country.  According to Mugabe, only ZANU-PF supporters qualify as national heroes.

Aug 31.  The description changes slightly, African Disneyland now described as a “Garden of Eden”.
Aug 30.  National Railways of Zimbabwe, China will assist.
Aug 28.  Man charged for using Robert Mugabe election poster as toilet paper.  You just can’t make this stuff up!
Aug 28.  Zimbabwe economy faltering due to election and indigenization.
Aug 26.  At UNWTO conference, tourism minister Mzembi speaks of building a Disneyland in Africa next to Victoria Falls.
Aug 25.  The United Nations World Tourism Organization UNWTO has opened in Victoria Falls co-hosted by Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Animals have been shipped in to repopulate the local park.
Aug 23.  Bank sector in disarray; Mugabe promises push on indigenization; bank charges ordered cut retroactively to beginning of year; courts delay action, payments on defaulting borrowers; Mugabe suggests reintroduction of Zim currency; nearly $1 billion in panic withdrawals made since election.
Aug 22.  Mugabe sworn in, attacks “vile” west. Tsvangirai does not attend ceremony.  Mugabe promises to proceed with indigenization and damns homosexuality.
Aug 20.  Tsvangirai of the MDC was summoned to the Constitutional Court on Tuesday so that he would be present when the court threw out the election fraud case.  Of course, the MDC had already withdrawn the complaint stating that it would not be fairly heard.  The Electoral Court also threw out Tsvangirai’s demand for poll data.  Tsvangirai and his lawyers were also threatened with contempt of court charges.
Aug 19.  Mugabe kisses and makes up, with South Africa’s representative Zulu.  You may remember prior to the election, Zulu criticized preparations and Mugabe called her an idiotic woman who should zip her lip.  That’s all behind them now.
Aug 17.  MDC withdraws legal challenge from Constitutional Court saying it would not receive a fair hearing and had not received voter records to support its claim.
Aug 11.  Police seek journalists over Iran uranium story.  You don’t want to be a whistle blower in this country either.
Aug 10.  Zimbabwe to sell uranium to…  Iran.
Aug 09.  MDC has filed legal challenge to the election results.
Aug 08.  300,000 voters turned away; 206,000 voters receive “assistance” which means, you watch while a ZANU-PF supporter casts your vote for you.  3.5 million people voted.  2 electoral commission members resign.
Aug 08.  The head of the observer team describes the elections as a circus.
Aug 06.  Zimbabwe, a guide to rigging of the election.
Aug 06.  Zimbabwe government plans to seize foreign owned mines without compensation.  Zimbabwe women were forced to flee their homes for failing to reveal their vote to ZANU-PF supporters, and for refusing voting assistance.
Aug 05.  Botswana calls for independent audit of election results amid irregularities.
Aug 05.  Economy stumbles over ZANU-PF win.  Banks stop making loans due to Mugabe’s declared intent to force indigenization on banking sector.
Aug 04.  SA’s Zuma has offered Mugabe “profound congratulations” on election win.
Aug 03.  Mugabe, ZANU-PF declared winner by election commission, taking 61% of the votes.  Tsvangirai announces legal election challenge.
Aug 02.  African Union and South African Development Community SADC urge restraint.  SADC observers say election not credible.  ZANU-PF appears to have 2/3 majority which would permit it to unilaterally modify the constitution.  Zimbabwe security forces set up road blocks, undertake searches.  Voter’s list proves hard or impossible to find.
Aug 01.  PM Morgan Tsvangirai denounces election as huge farce.  The Zimbabwe Election Support Network which fielded 7000 observers called the vote seriously compromised.

Jul 31.  ELECTION DAY!  Long line ups reported.  Did Mugabe steal the election? His party announced their resounding victory before the results were released by the state election commission.  Visit Nehanda Radio to see the election in pictures.  Allegations of vote rigging and unnecessary “assisted” voting are common.
Jul 30.  Riot police deployed on eve of election in areas that support Tsvangirai.
Jul 29.  2 days before the election and Mugabe says…Desmond Tutu has incorrectly interpreted the Bible regarding gays.  Gay people “are worse than pigs, goats and birds.” Yes, let’s elect this paragon of peace and human rights.
Jul 25.  Yep, let’s re-elect this guy.  Mugabe threatens to behead homosexuals.
Jul 25.  “Breaking the Silence; Oppression, Fear and Courage in Zimbabwe” is a National Geographic photojournalistic article that looks at pre-election conditions in this country.
Jul 25.  Bab Jukwa and the adopton of social media in this election campaign – is it a game changer?
Jul 24.  Baba Jukwa vs Mugabe, this is the biggest pre-election story; how a Facebook cartoon character has challenged the ZANU-PF exposing corruption, vote rigging and pre election violence.
Jul 20.  Now police are arresting election candidates that oppose Mugabe, a prominent rights lawyer.
Jul 19.  The headline proclaims, “Zim’s UNWTO Preparations Gather Momentum“.  Really?  But what I want to know is who at the UN thought it would be a good idea to have a world conference co-hosted in Zimbabwe less than a month after their elections, given the past track record of post election violence?  What have they been smoking?
Jul 19.  1st TV has been set up in South Africa to broadcast by satellite into Zimbabwe, bypassing Mugabe’s information controls on media.  Mugabe’s boys have labelled it pirate TV, indicating they will pursue diplomatic channels with SA to have it shut down, and otherwise vowing to cripple the broadcast station ahead of elections.
Jul 18.  Zimbabwe will not renew the country’s second largest mobile operator Telecel’s licence for failure to meet indigenisation laws requiring 51% Zim ownership – they only have 40%.  What will this do for the 2.5 million Zim customers?  How will this improve relations with Egyptians who own the remainder of Telecel, or the Russians that own the Egyptian company?  How does this encourage foreign investment and job creation?
Jul 16.  Mugabe, ZANU-PF promise to resolve foreign debt by cancelling obligations.
Jul 15.  Human rights activists killed/injured in car crash assassination.
Jul 15.  Mugabe offers $300,000 reward for identity of Facebook activist Baba Jukwa.
Jul 11.  Baba Jukwa dishes out the dirt on Facebook ahead of elections.
Jul 09.  Widespread human rights violations threaten elections.
Jul 09.  Three weeks to go, Zimbabwe has frozen all other government spending and still can’t find enough money to pay for the election while Mugable insults foreign diplomats and threatens to withdraw from the SADC.  “…the whole thing is an undiluted dog’s breakfast”, states Finance Minister Biti
Jul 08.  How ZANU-PF can steal the election with the help of an Israeli company.
Jul 05.  The Zimbabwe 
voters’ roll contains a million people who are either dead or have left the country, 116 000 people over the age of 100, and 78 local ridings where there are more voters registered than adult residents known to live there.  Close to two million young Zimbabweans below the age of 30 are unregistered.
Jul 05.  The constitutional court has rejected a proposal to delay the upcoming election which will proceed on July 31.
Jul 03.  Dead people provided opportunity to vote in upcoming election.

Jun 30.  Baba Jukwa posts a note on Facebook suggesting that Mugabe has received chemotherapy treatment for prostrate cancer and is unable to participate in election rallies.
Jun 30.  Candidate disqualifications, vote rigging, missing ballots, violence, and that’s just last week’s primaries.  Add threats of disciplinary action or arrest, and you have the full mix of preparations for the upcoming elections.

Jun 29.  UNDP funding rejected; finance minister warns insufficient funds for election; diamond miners may be required to provide monetary support.
Jun 29.  South Africa irritates Zimbabwe on topic of seizing and selling Zim holdings in SA to pay compensation to displaced white farmers.
Jun 29.  Police campaigning to elect Zanu PF.
Jun 21.  Military, police and intelligence are dispersing to the 10 provinces in preparations to ensure a Zanu PF win in the upcoming election.
Jun 20.  Diamond fraud whistle blower Chininga’s deathaccident or assassination?
Jun 19.  Ziimbabwe mining taxes disappear.  Are they conflict diamonds if the revenue is subsequently used to fund election violence?
Jun 18.  The SADC Southern African Develoment Community has asked the Zimbabwe government to extend the election date beyond July 31. PM Tsvangirai who wants an election delay seized the opportunity and is now talking about Oct. 31.  Pres. Mugabe has not agreed and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission preparations for a July 31 poll continue.  This could get messy.
Jun 18.  4 journalists have been attacked in Zimbabwe, so far this month.
Jun 14.  Zanu-PF “land for votes” strategy, voters’ roll fraud is active in this election.
Jun 13.  Mugabe uses presidential decree to announce his commitment to a July 31 election date.  Prime Minister Tsvangirai objects, declares unconstitutional.
Jun 10.  Baba Jukwa on Facebook may create a political revolution in Zimbabwe!
Jun 08.  Tsangirai’s MDC-T also assaults journalists.  And you thought it was just Zanu-PF.
Jun 07.  Zanu-PF pre election violence spreading.
Jun 06.  Now this could get interesting.  Zimbabwe pastors plan to use social media during election to monitor and report violence.  How will the military and Zanu-PF respond to this?
Jun 05.  “I was ordered to kill Tsvangirai” says an alleged Presidential Guard officer, and killed his wife instead.  Fact or disinformation?  Also, troubling reports of torture inside a hospital.
Jun 05.  Human Rights Watch HRW alleges soldiers deployed throughout Zim are beating and intimidating MDC supporters.
Jun 04.  “Hiding behind a finger”.   Zimbabwe’s High Court orders Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to repay Trojan Nickel Mines $1 million in confiscated bank deposits.
Jun 03.  Now it’s becoming clearer.  MDC questions validity of Constitutional Court.  Can the Court order elections by July 31 if it is not yet legally constituted?  No matter, Zanu-PF wants early elections and MDC does not.  Meanwhile, SADC will hold an extraordinary summit on June 9 to ask Mugabe for a “clear election roadmap”.  Isn’t that a bit late with the election only 3 weeks away?  What do you think?  Oops, as of June 6 Mugabe is postponing this meeting.  He doesn’t want to talk to SADC about electoral and military reform.
Jun 02.  Miner RioZim in limbo waiting on indigenisation proposal approval.
Jun 02.  NRZ National Railways of Zimbabwe is a junkyard.
Jun 01.  The Constitutional Court has ordered the government to hold elections no later than July 31.  Something is being manipulated but I can’t figure out what or why.  There’s not enough money, voter registration is a shambles and the media is controlled by Mugabe.  There are reports of torture as the goverment tries to track down Baka Jukwa.

May 25.  A Facebook page – Baba Jukwa, is eroding Mugabe’s credibility.  Insider information or propaganda?  Take a look and make your own opinion here.
May 24.  No money for elections, or for the UNWTO conference facilities in Victoria Falls but a trip to Japan is a different story.
May 24.  Rebranding Robert Mugabe for the election: first family documentary is filmed at home.  Mugabe says Mandela is too soft on whites.
May 23.  Zimbabwe, a failed state and a failed economy – or just an ill informed point of view?
May 23.  Zimbabwe insists on Zimplats mine seizure.  Even more chilling is Mines Minister Obert Mpofu’s statement, “If there is anyone who thinks they own land, please prepare yourselves for the shocks that will actually befall you.”
May 22.  Zanu-PF and South Africa relations are deteriorating quickly.
May 22.  Zanu-PF supportive militias spread fear of voting.

May 21.  Threats to media are not limited to Mugabe and the Zanu-PF.  Opposition MDC-T leader Tsvangirai also suggests media should be made to toe the line.
May 20.  Why is USA talking “security sector reform” in Zimbabwe?  What does that mean in normal speak?  Does it support regime change?
May 20.  The most recent police crackdown on prostitution in Harare is called “Take Your Bonus Money Home”.
May 18.  Call Mugabe “a rotten old donkey” at a supermarket and get 3 months in jail.  Let’s see; no freedom of speech, no freedom of press, no freedom of association.  The score is 3 – 0.
May 17.  Teachers under pressure to support Zanu-PF, Mugabe.
May 15.  Oops!  Are British and American government agencies bankrolling fake NGOs working against Mugabe, or is this disinformation?  This tactic was successfully used in eastern European countries during the “orange revolution”.
May 15.  The editor and chief reporter of the Zimbabwe Independent were arrested Tuesday, four days after Zimbabwe marked World Press Freedom Day.  I guess the police didn’t get the memo.
May 14.  Rampant corruption in Home Affairs Ministry and other government departments.
May 13.  Victoria Falls to be given cyber city status.
May 12.  Zimbabwe agriculture production continues to fail.
May 12.  Three persons arrested for promoting voter awareness; 19 arrested for encouraging persons to get on voters registration lists.
May 10.  Two Zimbabwe witches die after drinking poisoned holy water.
May 07.  European and US sanctions are being relaxed while pre-election repression accelerates.  A Zim youth leader has been imprisoned for 2 weeks because he called Mugabe a limping donkey.  Really?  Yes, and he might get several months of imprisonment for the slur.  Freedom of speech? Never heard of it.  Meanwhile, an editor and chief reporter of an independent Harare newspaper have been “detained” by police for publishing a politically sensitive article.
May 06.  Zimbabwe is proposing to become responsible for selling the output from all mines, restricting production on some ores and possibly determining prices.  This sounds like the death knell of foreign mining investment in Zimbabwe.  Meanwhile the US is reducing sanctions.  Have they been watching the news?  Sure they have, so what’s their game?
May 02.  According to Zimbabwe, the US and British governments pledged $1.75 B in 1979 to be used to compensate displaced white farmers in the land confiscation and redistribution scheme.  Now, Zimbabwe has indicated it is willing to revisit the outstanding issue of evicted farmer compensation if the US and Britain will make good on its former verbal pledge of money.  By the way, they say, with interest that should be $6 B by now.  Really?
May 01.  Zimbabwe generals and police commanders refuse to meet with Prime Minister.  “Critics will be arrested” they say.
May 01.  Foreign Direct Investment plunging in the face of indigenisation policy.

Apr. 30.  Vote rigging preparations are underway in preparation for national elections.
Apr. 29.  What good an appeal process if the decision is already made?  Zimplats land confiscation update.
Apr. 26.  Foreign investment in freefall due to indigenisation.
Apr. 26.  Unemployment at 75% – 90%?
Apr. 25.  The water crisis in rural Zimbabwe, described.
Apr. 24.  Zimbabwe’s food reserves are severely depleted.
Apr. 24.  Media and judiciary under increasing threats from ZANU-PF ahead of this year’s election.
Apr. 22.  Zimbabwe may be preparing law to allow seizure of controlling interest in foreign company assets without compensation.  No cost indigenisation.  This may be a pre-election move!
Apr. 20.  It seems that Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Biti announced that Zim will receive $100 million from South Africa, before SA had a chance to let its government and people know about it.  That’s just poor form that can cause a lot of headaches.
Apr. 19.  Zimbabwe has no funds to hold the election.
Apr. 19.  Diaspora remittances are a main inflow of income for Zimbabwe, and a review of the professional exodus in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s.
Apr. 19.  Zimbabwe won’t be getting a donation of unused military helicopters from South Africa soon.
Apr. 17.  Victoria Falls hotel refurbishments are underway in advance of this summers United Nations World Tourism Organization conference.
Apr. 16.  Zimbabwe still landmine infested 33 years after conflict.
Apr. 12.  Mzembi canvassing for cash to rescue UN Tourism meeting in Vic Falls.
Apr. 11.  Maize seed and farming supplies being used to coerce upcoming election votes.
Apr. 09.  Threats to foreign owned businesses continue.  An Egyptian communications company, a British owned bank and 3 mining firms have been ordered to comply with the indigenization law or face closure.
Apr. 09.  It is a crime in Zimbabwe to insult the police or the office of the president.  So human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa is facing additional trumped up charges for saying, “Stop whatever you are doing, it’s unconstitutional, illegal and undemocratic. You confused cockroaches” and “You are Mugabe’s dogs.”  Yep, pretty serious stuff – better throw her in jail again.
Apr. 07.  Severe water pollution problems in Zimbabwe.

Apr. 07.  The Zimbabwe – Dubai diamond link to Mugabe’s ZANU-PF.
Apr. 05.  Tribunal finds that UN representatives covered up violence and cholera epidemic in 2008.
Apr. 05.  63,000 children under the age of 15 are forced to work as street and border vendors.
Apr. 05.  United Nations World Tourism Organization scheduled for Victoria Falls in August – Zimbabwe desperately seeking support money.  Crash and burn?
Apr. 04.  High court justice being persecuted, accused of being sypathetic to the MDC and for investigating Mugabe’s ZANU-PF fraud.
Apr. 03.  Pre-election intimidation tactics are underway.
Apr. 01.  A rant against international sanctions on Mugabe / Zimbabwe.

Mar. 31.  Corruption investigations blocked; commissioners threatened.
Mar. 31.  Mugabe vs Generation X; a good review of the “born free” generation issues.
Mar. 28.  Zimbabwe scores as “the most corrupt mining district“.
Mar. 28.  Donation or protection money?  Old Mutual financial obliged to contribute $20 million to referendum, or else.
Mar. 27.  Iran is helping Mugabe’s intelligence and military to hack internet and cell phone communications.  To what purpose?
Mar. 25.  The European Union suspends sanctions against 81 persons and 8 firms.
Mar. 25.  Zimbabwe releases human rights lawyer Mtetwa after a week of detention.
Mar. 24.  Great Britain is caving in on its sanctions policy with Zimbabwe.  Watch out Canada, we have also been invited to attend meetings to discuss eliminating sanctions.
Mar. 24.  There is a European Union travel ban against Robert Mugabe.  Nonetheless, he attended the Papal inauguration in Rome, freely transiting Italy without being stopped and turned over to the International Criminal Court for numerous ongoing offences against human rights.
Mar. 23.  Room 100, “Where Citizenship Went to Die
Mar. 21.  State media reports that Zimbabwe will hold elections by June 29.  I guess Mugabe is getting ready as police arrested 2  more members of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party which is the main opposition to Mugabe.  Meanwhile, human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa continues to be held by police on trumped up charges in spite of a high court order for her release.  Is this why the EU and Australia relaxed sanctions?
Mar. 19.  Zimbabwe approves new constitution, but police refuse to obey the high court to release a rights activist; still in jail and denied bail.
Mar. 16.  Today Zimbabwe votes on a new constitution referendum.
Mar. 14.  Poor crops risk starvation in large parts of Zimbabwe.
Mar. 11.  Another attack on resource industries, this time the Zim finance minister wants diamond miners to pay millions of extra dollars towards the referendum this weekend.  Meanwhile, allegations of Mugabe loyalists skimming mining money continue.
Mar. 11.  What a weird game politicians play!  Australia is easing sanctions against 55 Zanu-PF members while in country rights advocacy groups are experiencing increasing    police harassment.  Foreign politicians reward vague promises, not exemplary behaviour!
Mar. 10.  Mugabe is rebranded in front of the next election; phoenix, 17 yrs, old and connected to God.
Mar. 08.  Zimbabwe police use state controlled media to hunt down human rights defenders in advance of next week’s constitutional referendum.
Mar. 08.  Satanism sparks fear in Zimbabwe.
Mar. 07.  Lion(s) kill 2 people near northern tourist resort town.
Mar. 07.  Problems piling up fast for South African platinum miners in Zimbabwe.
Mar. 07.  Zimbabwe and inflation, banks, black market, investment, employment.
Mar. 06.  Zimbabwe police take aim at Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.
Mar. 06.  Impala Platinum (Implats) investment, indigenisation plan destroyed by Zimbabwe gov’t. following Mugabe comments.
Mar. 02.  Why mining companies have it tough in Zimbabwe.  Follow up on March 5.
Mar. 02.  Commodities are a mixed blessing to southern African economies.
Mar. 01.  UN accused of Zimbabwe cholera cover-up.

Feb. 28.  Police block debate on constitution.
Feb. 28.  UN monitors sound alarm over Zimbabwe abuses ahead of referendum.
Feb. 27.  Zimbabwe police ban (shortwave) radios, raid NGOs and human rights groups in advance of constitution referendum and election .
Feb. 26.  12 yr. old boy burnt alive, pre-election violence is underway.
Feb. 26.  When a White Farmer in Zimbabwe Gets Shot in the Face.
Feb. 26.  South African police probing Zimbabwe election rapes.
Feb. 25.  Civil society threat to Zimbabwe – cops.
Feb. 12.  Tourism Minister Mzembi promises ‘bush’ dinner for United Nations World Tourism Organization conference in Victoria Falls (because the conference centre has not been built); or maybe he has been busy with other things described in the next link:
Feb. 12.  Zimbabwe court orders Mugabe allies off RioZim mine.


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